14 year old Assamese girl book becomes International Best seller on Amazon

At 14 years old, to be a health advocate, researcher, entrepreneur, innovator and a publicist is a huge feat and Diya encompasses all of these with flair. She is not just a born natural but also very thoughtful, inquisitive and enterprising. Diya’s mission is to change this world from inside out and motivate self-help and self healing using unique healthy recipes, introducing her own brand of super food of flavonoids (Oxi-Blast) and also by introducing meditation and breathing techniques to live a better life.

Her recent book “Healthy Habits for a Healthier You” is a detailed account of the research on gut health and the benefits of healthy eating. The book describes 21 smoothies along with a new super food Flavonoid additive that will help people with health benefits. Holistic living in total.

Her passion to learn from her life lessons and motivate the youth to be a better version of themselves, take care of their stress, depression and anxiety by simply learning to express their feelings and also eat healthy to keep chronic illness away. She comes from a family history of diabetes, blood pressure, chronic allergies and heart problems, so she is trying her best to stay healthy and also reach the younger generation to maintain a balance in their lives from very early in life to ward of predisposed conditions.

Released on Sept 1st, this book has become a #1 best seller in
Juices and Smoothies
Low Salt Food
Low Salt Cooking
Nutrition of Vitamins & Supplements
Antioxidants & Phytochemicals
Non Alcoholic Beverages
Mental Health Law
Health Law
Cooking Fruit
Breakfast Cooking
Parenting Teenagers
Vegetarian Cooking
Food Drink and Entertaining


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