39 Cadres of Adivasi People’s Liberation Army Lay Down Arms

Guwahati, 2 June: Under the supervision of the Inspector General of the Assam Rifles (North) and Spear Corps and with the assistance of the Assam Police on Friday 39 active members of the Aadivasi People’s Liberation Army (APLA) lay down their weapons before the Assam Rifles.

As many as 31 weapons in total including 3 AK series rifles, 19 pistols, 5 other rifles, 2 grenades and various live ammo were lay down by APLA cadres.

Operation Samarpan served as the context for the ritual of laying down arms. The Security Forces of Spear Corps have consistently worked to mainstream the misguided youth who have chosen the road.

Assam Rifles complimented the youths for this decision and impress upon all those who have chosen the wrong path to return into the mainstream and live a happy and peaceful life. Families of the surrendered cadres also expressed their gratitude to the Security Forces for bringing their loved ones back to the family safely.

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