6.1 Million Indian Youths likely to lose jobs due to COVID Pandemic

According to a report of Asian Developmental Bank (ADB) & International Labour Organisation (ILO) around 6.1 million people aged  from 15 to 24 years may lose jobs in India in 2020 if this virus keeps on contaminating till September.

Around 14.8 million young people will suffer job cuts in 13 countries in the South Asia region. Pakistan will also seek a 2.3 million youth losing jobs due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. Unemployment rate in India will rise to 32.5% if the rise of COVID cases keep going on.

Reports also say that the farm & construction sector will have to bear more loss and job cuts will be done often due to the virus. In India, around two-thirds of firm-level apprenticeships and three-quarters of internships were completely disrupted during the pandemic.


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