Indigenous community of Tripura blocks road in demand of clean drinking water

The Indigenous community people have blocked the main road demanding clean drinking water in the Khamting Bari area of ​​Baramura hill. The road from Salka Bari to ONGC Leak Point has been closed indefinitely since this morning by the protesters. The people have blocked the road due no access to safe drinking water in their area. Although some amount of water is delivered their by the Water department but the main and only source of water is Howrah Chhara water.

Indigenous people in the area have been making a living by drinking foul-smelling water as ONGC’s lightning rods have flowed into the river for the past 2-3 months. The Indigenous community has been doing everything from washing dishes, washing their clothes, as a result of which the indigenous people of the area are at risk of incurable diseases. Despite repeatedly informing the department, nothing good has happened. So on Monday the indigenous people were forced to block the road for an indefinite period.

Report by Bikram Karmakar, Special Correspondent Tripura

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