A 7-year-old minor raped in Tripura

Teliamura police on Tuesday registered a serious allegation of raping a minor girl. Tensions are running high in the area over the rape of a minor girl by a man. Dhananjay Devvarma, 24, youngest son of Rajendra Devvarma, allegedly raped seven-year-old minor. The minor girl told her mother everything on Monday even though she had not told anyone for fear for so long.

Later, when the village elders were informed about the incident, they tried to resolve the matter through an arbitration meeting, but the incident was not resolved. As a result, a case was filed in the name of the accused at Teliamura police station on behalf of the minor family.

The case number filed at Teliamura police station is- 77/2020 u / s 376 (A) (B) I.P.C and 04 of POSCO dt- 21/7/2020. The accused youth is now a fugitive. The Police is doing their best to catch the alleged rapist.

Report by Bikram Karamkar, Special Correspondent Tripura

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