A special Cargo Ship from Bangladesh to arrive in Tripura on 5 September

A cargo ship will arrive at Sonamura J.T on September 5 with 50 tons of cement. It will start its journey from Munshiganj in Bangladesh on September 2. Secretary of the Department of Industry and Commerce Kiran Gitte visited Sonamura to check the preparations. Many defenses are going to end on September 5. Finally, a cargo ship is coming to the JT at Srimantapur on the Sonamura Gomti river. The trial run of this ship carrying about 50 tons of cement will start from Munshiganj, Bangladesh on September 2.

Chief Minister of Tripura, Biplob Kumar Dev along with the country’s shipping minister and other officials. Kiran Gitte, Secretary, Department of Industries and Commerce, Tripura State, came to Srimantapur to check the preparations. Kiran Gitte, Secretary, State Department of Industry and Commerce, is hopeful that this will lead to further development and growth of international trade between the two countries. The state of Tripura will also benefit from this. He further said that Sonamurao will be economically prosperous if this water transport system is introduced. Employment can be for many local unemployed youth and workers..so happy Sonamura common people.

Report by Bikram Karmakar, Special Correspondent Tripura

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