Amit Shah Criticises Left Front in Tripura & Refers TIPRA, CPI(M) & Congress As “Triple Difficulty”

Guwahati: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on February 12 attacked the Left Front alleging that during their 27 years in power they had robbed the state’s underprivileged throughout that time.

Speaking to a crowd in the Udaipur constituency of the Unakoti region of Tripura, Amit Shah said that TIPRA Motha had a covert agreement with the CPI(M)-Congress.

“After CPI(M) formed an alliance with Congress, they proved that they cannot defeat the BJP”, said Union Home Minister Amit Shah in his speech at the rally.

Amit Shah further claimed, “The Left front has made TIPRA Motha one of their pawn and the three parties are forming triple trouble for the state of Tripura”

Amit Shah declared that the BJP Government is working for Tripura’s overall development and will soon be establishing numerous plans and projects for the state while making a plethora of other election-related promises.

In his list of promises, Amit Shah mentioned, “Our government will include Manipuri Bishnupriya in primary education. Also, meritorious students will be provided scooties”.

Speaking about the government’s many efforts, Amit Shah said that under PM Modi, “Har Ghar Vikas” is a reality and 2.5 lakh homes have been given to the people of Tripura. Additionally, 16000 square feet of land have been set aside for state employees who work in tea gardens.

Union home minister Amit Shah has been bolstering the election campaign by attending numerous Vijay Sankalp rallies in Tripura, a state where voting is expected to take place soon.

Along with a roadshow, Shah would participate in another Vijay Sankalp demonstration in the Tripura district of Bishramganj in the evening.

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