An Orphan girl from Tripura gets first division in boards, Inspires many

When the people of the entire state of Tripura are busy celebrating with students named in the list of the top 10 students who have succeeded in publishing the results of the Secondary Examination conducted by the Tripura Board of Secondary Education, an orphaned girl named Arpita Rani Das passed in first division which has brought a great joy among the people of the student dormitory.

Arpita was born in Magbari area of ​​Teliamura subdivision, her father died when he was four years old and soon after he was deprived of his mother’s affection. The girl’s mother and a close relative carried her on their laps, but because she was a girl child her mother family did not support and hence she was shifted to an student dormitory in Agaratala. From there, the girl studied at Krishnanagar Vijay Kumar Class XII School in Agartala and with the help of the students and teachers of that school she passed with 70.8% (percentage) marks in the secondary examination of 2020.

The girl manifest us that if you have will & determination then it is possible to get success even in the midst of great sorrow. Speaking about this, Arpita Rani Das told to MY NEWS NE that the teachers and everyone close to her helped her in her studies. And with their help, she has been able to do so well today.

Report by Bikram Karmakar, Special Correspondent Tripura

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