Arunachal: Landslides Disrupt Travel Along Joram to Koloriang Road in Kurung Kumey District

Northeast Desk, 28th May: The Kurung Kumey district has been hit by heavy rainfall, triggering a series of landslides along the Joram to Koloriang road (NAH 713). These landslides have caused significant disruptions to travel, posing grave safety concerns for residents and travelers navigating the route.

The relentless downpour has resulted in substantial roadblocks, making travel perilous and, in some sections, completely impassable. While local authorities are diligently working to clear the debris and restore normal traffic flow, the unpredictable nature of the weather continues to present formidable challenges.

Given the precarious road conditions, residents and commuters are urged to stay informed about the latest updates on road status through official channels. It is imperative to exercise caution and prudence when planning any journeys in the affected areas, prioritizing safety above all else.

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