Assam Chief Minister Highlights Remarkable Progress in State’s Startup Ecosystem

Guwahati, 11th June: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took to Twitter on June 11 to underscore the significant strides made in the state’s startup ecosystem over the past three years, attributing the progress to the government’s unwavering support and initiatives.

According to Sarma, a total of 489 startups have received comprehensive backing from the state government during this period, demonstrating a robust ecosystem conducive to entrepreneurial growth.

In line with its commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship, the government has allocated a grant of Rs 7 crore to 74 startups, empowering them to expand their operations and materialize their innovative concepts.

Moreover, startups incubated at Assam Startup-The Nest, a dedicated startup incubator, have collectively raised an impressive Rs 100 crore in external funding, underscoring the viability and potential of these ventures.

Highlighting the tangible economic impact of startups, Sarma noted that these innovative enterprises have generated a substantial revenue of Rs 40 crore, further solidifying their contribution to the state’s economic landscape.

In addition to economic benefits, startups in Assam have emerged as significant job creators, offering employment opportunities to approximately 4,900 skilled professionals. This employment generation not only bolsters the state’s workforce but also catalyzes overall economic development.

The proactive stance of the Assam government in fostering startup growth has garnered accolades from various quarters, with stakeholders applauding the concerted efforts to foster entrepreneurship and innovation within the state. This supportive environment bodes well for the continued expansion and success of Assam’s burgeoning startup ecosystem.

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