Assam: Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi Calls for Investigation into Stock Market Fluctuations Post-Exit Poll Results

Guwahati, 6th June: Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi has called for an investigation into what he describes as a hidden conspiracy behind the unusual surge and subsequent fall of the stock market following the release of exit poll results. Addressing a gathering in Kaliabor, Assam, Gogoi expressed his suspicion, stating, “Daal mein kuch kala hai!” and emphasized the need for a high-level inquiry into the matter.

Gogoi highlighted the anomaly where the stock market experienced a significant rise upon the release of exit poll results but then plummeted after the actual election outcomes were announced. This pattern, he suggested, warrants a thorough investigation to uncover any potential foul play.

In his speech, Gogoi also touched on the political landscape in Assam. He questioned why the Chief Minister does not listen to BJP supporters like Mrinal Saikia, Rajen Gohain, and Ashok Sharma, who he claims are committed to the party and did not join for personal gain or to impede CBI investigations.

Gogoi welcomed the defeat of the AIUDF in Dhubri, describing it as a positive development for Assam’s political environment. The Congress MP from Jorhat was warmly received at a reception held at Gauri Bhawan in Tinali, Kaliabor, celebrating his recent election victory on June 6.

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