Assam CTC Tea Sets New Record, Sells at Record Auction Price of Rs 1,506 per kg

Guwahati, 18th June: Assam’s renowned CTC (crush, tear, curl) tea variety has achieved a historic milestone by fetching the highest-ever auction price of Rs 1,506 per kilogram. The record-breaking sale occurred during the Kolkata auctions on June 11, facilitated by Assam Tea Brokers Private Limited, with the buyer identified as Mihir Gold, acting on behalf of a client in Hyderabad.

Director of Assam Tea Brokers Private Limited, Nisheeth Bijawat, remarked on the unprecedented achievement, stating, “This is the highest price ever recorded for any CTC tea at the auctions. The quantity offered for sale of this particular variety was approximately 420 kilograms.”

Prior to this remarkable sale, the highest prices recorded for CTC tea were Rs 1,111 per kilogram and Rs 803 per kilogram, underscoring the significance of this latest auction result in the tea industry.

The exceptional price attained reflects the quality and demand for Assam’s CTC tea in domestic markets, highlighting its appeal among discerning tea enthusiasts and reinforcing its reputation as a premium beverage choice.

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