Assam: Fire Destroys Three Shops in Jakhalabandha Amid Severe Weather, Causes Rs 15 Lakh in Damages

Guwahati, 7th May: Late last night, a devastating fire ravaged three shops in Miriveti, Jakhalabandha, amid heavy winds and rain, resulting in estimated losses of around Rs 15 lakh.

The inferno began in the grocery store of local businessman Someshwar Bora. Despite the rapid response of the fire brigade, which arrived soon after being notified, the flames had already consumed everything in Bora’s store. The fire then spread to adjacent businesses, including Jayanta Das’s computer printing shop and a nearby salon, both of which were completely destroyed.

The lack of electricity in the area during the storm significantly hampered efforts to control the blaze. While the exact cause of the fire remains unknown, some villagers have speculated that the owner of the local namghar might have exploited the situation, as the shops were unoccupied at the time.

This incident is not without precedent; previously, arsonists had set fire to a shop in the same area. Although firefighters responded quickly, the severe weather conditions thwarted their efforts, resulting in the shops being gutted by the time they arrived.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident to determine whether the fire was accidental or an act of foul play.

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