Assam: Hindu Man Donates Land for Mosque Road

Guwahati, 19th November: In a heartening display of communal amity, Ratikanta Choudhury, a Hindu resident of Dolaigaon village in Assam’s Bongaigaon district, has set a remarkable example by donating a portion of his land for the construction of a road leading to the local mosque.

Choudhury, without any hesitation, generously contributed his land to the mosque society to facilitate the establishment of a proper road for convenient access to the mosque. Previously utilized for farming, the plot gained significance as people began gathering there, leading to the establishment of the mosque.

Sharing the inspiration behind his altruistic act, Choudhury explained, “Our engagement with farming on that particular piece of land led to the congregation of people, and eventually, a mosque was established. Anticipating continued visits, I decided to construct a connecting road, facilitating easier access for people to come and participate in prayers. This initiative is entirely selfless; I haven’t accepted any payment for it. Consider it my contribution to the community.”

Grateful for Choudhury’s selfless act, the Muslim community in Dolaigaon named the locality “Prabhavati Nagar” after Choudhury’s late mother. Local Muslims emphasize that Choudhury’s gesture stands as a timeless example of communal harmony in the area.

“We appreciate having such instances in Assam. If we can propagate these instances, external divisive influences won’t impact our community. We extend our gratitude to him and his family for this. His positive reputation will endure in this village, and we are committed to preserving it,” conveyed a young local member of the Muslim community.

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