Assam: Labourer Succumbs to Mishap in Tinsukia Tea Factory

Guwahati, 20th November: In a devastating incident at the Rup Narayan Sarma tea garden in Pengeri’s No 1 Ambikapur village, a tea garden labourer, identified as Amit Gowala, met an untimely demise. The tragedy unfolded when Amit, engaged in his duties, accidentally came into contact with the sharp blades of a tea leaves cutting machine at the factory.

Prompted by the incident, Pengeri Police responded to the scene. The aggrieved locals, disturbed by the tragedy, gathered around the residence of the tea garden owner, initiating a sizable protest. Despite the unrest, the police successfully managed to control the situation.

Sources report that the deceased labourer’s body has been transported to Tinsukia for post-mortem examination, shedding light on the grim circumstances surrounding this unfortunate mishap.

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