Assam: Man brutally lynched to death by mob over suspicion of mobile theft in Sivasagar

Guwahati, 24th June: In a tragic turn of events in Phukan Nagar, Sivasagar, a 27-year-old man named Palu Goala lost his life after being brutally beaten by a mob, allegedly on suspicion of mobile theft. The incident, which occurred in No Pam Chale village, has sent shockwaves across the city and underscored the dangers of vigilante justice.

Palu Goala succumbed to injuries inflicted during the mob assault, while another youth, Dadu Goyala, sustained injuries and is currently receiving medical treatment. The attack reportedly took place at Jairam’s house in Chalegaon, implicating several individuals identified as Bagli, Maina Karmakar, Tiku Goyala, Jairam Mondal, Bui Mandal, Raju Majhi, Kamal, and Karan.

The incident has sparked tension and concern throughout Phukan Nagar, highlighting the need for addressing the menace of mob violence and ensuring the rule of law prevails over acts of vigilantism. Authorities are investigating the matter to bring the perpetrators to justice and restore peace in the community affected by this tragic event.

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