Assam: Murder in Karbi Hills Unveils Tale of Illicit Love and Family Betrayal

Guwahati, 18th June: The murder of Shukuri Tisopi in the Karbi Hills has shocked the community, revealing a tragic saga of illicit love and familial betrayal. Shukuri Tisopi met a brutal end at the hands of Mukrang Terang, driven by his inability to accept his father Harsing Terang’s secret relationship with her.

Initially thought to be a robbery, investigations soon uncovered a darker truth rooted in love and jealousy. Harsing Terang had been involved romantically with Shukuri for three years, a relationship that Mukrang discovered about a year and a half ago. Overwhelmed by rage and betrayal, Mukrang conspired with Rangsina Rangpi and Praveen Rangpi, a former member of the insurgent outfit KPLT(R), to orchestrate Shukuri’s murder.

The plot was meticulously planned: Rangsina procured a 7.65 pistol from Dimapur for Rs 50,000, and on the night of June 11, the group assembled at Kamakhya Hotel in Diphu. Praveen Rangpi and an accomplice entered Shukuri’s residence and carried out the heinous crime.

Following the murder, the murder weapon was disposed of in the Rongbarim area of Matipung and on the Daldali-Dhansiri road. The perpetrators immediately went into hiding. However, swift police action led to the arrests of Mukrang and Rangsina on June 14, followed by Praveen Rangpi on June 16. Superintendent of Police Sanjeev Kumar Saikia and ASP Crime Jayanta Baruah spearheaded the successful operation, recovering the 7.65 pistol used in the murder.

The case has sent shockwaves throughout the state, underscoring the tragic consequences of familial discord. SP Sanjeev Kumar Saikia, addressing the media in a press conference, confirmed the motive behind the murder as a deep-seated family dispute. Ongoing police efforts aim to apprehend all individuals involved in this senseless act of violence.

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