Assam: Orang National Park Closes for Monsoon Season to Protect Wildlife

Guwahati, 16th May: Orang National Park has officially closed its doors to tourists starting today, as announced by the Mangaldoi Wildlife Division. The park, known for its diverse wildlife including 125 rhinos, 26 tigers, elephants, deer, and a variety of bird species, will also suspend its popular jeep and elephant safaris during this period.

The annual closure coincides with the arrival of the monsoon season, which has significantly deteriorated the condition of the park’s internal roads. Pradipta Barua, a representative of the park’s wildlife authority, emphasized that this decision is taken every year to safeguard the wildlife. “This period is very sensitive for the animals. The noise from vehicles and the presence of tourists can cause significant distress to them,” Barua explained.

The park has recently seen an increase in its tiger population, a testament to successful conservation efforts. The temporary closure aims to maintain a peaceful environment for all species during the challenging monsoon months.

Tourists and safari operators are urged to respect the closure to ensure the safety and well-being of the park’s inhabitants. The Mangaldoi Wildlife Division will provide further updates as the monsoon season progresses.

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