Assam Police Rescue Kidnapped Toddler, 3 Abductors held

Guwahati 12th February: In a recent development, the Assam Police have rescued a kidnapped toddler and apprehended three individuals involved in an abduction plot in Guwahati.

The alarming incident unfolded on February 11, when a one-and-a-half-year-old baby girl was snatched from the roadside near the Khanapara flyover, sparking widespread panic among residents.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a miscreant fleeing with the child around 11 am, prompting immediate action from law enforcement authorities.

Addressing a press conference, Guwahati Commissioner of Police Diganta Barah revealed that the two accused, identified as Biswajit Dey and Savita Dey, were approached by a woman named Jerima Begum, who was facing financial difficulties and sought to acquire a child in exchange for money.

Biswajit Dey orchestrated the kidnapping, intending to ransom the infant for a substantial sum from Jerima Begum. According to Dey, Jerima Begum had promised to pay him over a lakh rupees in return.

The mother of the abducted infant, Hasina Begum, who was employed at a nearby shop, was distraught upon learning of her child’s disappearance.

Prompt action by vigilant bus drivers, who reported the suspicious activity to the police, facilitated the swift response from law enforcement authorities. The Dispur police promptly initiated an investigation following the report.

Within a span of six hours, the police successfully rescued the infant from Fatasil Ambari, culminating in the apprehension of the perpetrators involved in the abduction plot.

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