Assam Police Seize Significant Quantities of Suspected Cannabis in Anti-Drug Operations

Guwahati, 23rd May: In a series of targeted operations, the Assam Police have made substantial seizures of suspected cannabis, leading to the apprehension of individuals allegedly involved in illegal drug trafficking activities.

The first operation, spearheaded by Sub-Inspector (UB) Aditya Borah of Manikpur Police Station, resulted in the arrest of Bijay Baishya from Pachim Kushlaiguri, Manikpur. A sizable quantity of 41.340 kilograms of suspected cannabis was confiscated from Baishya’s possession. This successful operation reflects the relentless efforts of law enforcement in combating illicit drug activities in the region.

Concurrently, in another operation based on actionable intelligence, a police team led by the Officer-in-Charge of Barbaruah Police Station intercepted Basanta Kurmi, aged 22, and Azaad alias Teru Kurmi, aged 55, residents of Jagalani Grant Gaon, under Bogibeel Outpost. The team seized 2.806 kilograms of cannabis (ganja) from their possession. This operation underscores the proactive measures undertaken by law enforcement to combat the illegal drug trade effectively.

These operations demonstrate the unwavering commitment of the Assam Police to uphold law and order and tackle the menace of drug trafficking in the region. The apprehension of individuals involved in such illicit activities serves as a stern warning against the proliferation of narcotics and contributes to the overall safety and security of the community.

While authorities have not disclosed further details regarding the ongoing investigations into these cases, the decisive actions taken by law enforcement signal their determination to root out drug-related criminal activities and safeguard the well-being of citizens.

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