Assam University Professor Rescues Endangered Turtle from Being Sold in Market

Hats off to Dr. Sarbani Giri, Head, Dept, Life Science and Bioinformatics and Dean, School of Life Sciences, Assam University, Silchar who literally saved a Indian peacock softshell turtle (Nilssonia hurum) from being sold in the fish market.

As per Cachar Forest Division, Dr Sarbani Giri went to the fish market as usual to buy fish and found a man selling a live turtle in the market. He wanted to cut the turtle into pieces and sell it, when Dr. Sarbani Giri immediately offered to buy it alive for Rs. 4000/- .

Her kind gesture moved the man selling the turtle and he gave the turtle alive to Dr Sarbani who brought it to her home and called up Cachar Forest Division, Silchar to take it to some safe place and release it in its natural and safe habitat. The Forest department took the turtle from Dr Sarbani Giri and thanked her profusely for saving the life of this turtle.


Meanwhile, the Forest Department has also decided to team up with Fisheries Department to create awareness among the fisherman about the turtle so as to protect it from such incident in the future. Notably, Indian peacock softshell turtle (Nilssonia hurum) is a species of turtle found in South Asia and is listed on the IUCN Red list as vulnerable species.



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