Bilasipara ASI of traffic branch Placed Under Reserve Close in ‘Gang of Devils’ case

Guwahati: Bilasipara Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI-Traffic) Sunil Das has been placed under Reserve Close in a case involving the notorious biker gang “Gang of Devils,” who were recently involved in an accident that resulted in the death of a woman.

ASI Sunil Das has been charged for releasing the ‘Gang of Devils’ rider after the crash within 10 minutes of being taken into custody.

Only when the bikers posted a video on social media boasting about leaving police custody within 10 minutes of murdering the 70-year-old woman in an accident did the story come to light.

The arrest of the biker gang responsible for the Bilasipara woman’s homicide and subsequent social media posting has been hailed as a huge victory for the Assam Police.

Police have arrested two culprits involved in the incident who have been identified as Minhazul Karim alias Rohan and Akhir Ahmed.

Police said that they arrested the two culprits from Gauripur and Halakura area. 

The notorious teen gang “Gangs of Devil” from Assam’s Dhubri district earlier that day, on December 12, posted a video to their social media account describing how one of its members murdered a woman in a car accident.

According to reports, one of the notorious bikers ran over Sakina, a woman, in Bilasipara on his speeding bike, killing her instantly. The incident was joyously reported on social media by one of the “Gangs of Devil” members, who wrote, “This biker killed one and came out of lock-up within 10 minutes.”

“This is the strength of the Gang of Devil, and right now we are partying,” the group said. 

The incident had raised significant questions regarding the legal system and how the woman who died as a result of these criminals’ actions was treated.

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