BJP State President in Tripura Reaffirms Support for Citizenship Amendment Act

Northeast Desk, 26th May: Rajib Bhattacharjee, the state President of BJP in Tripura, reiterated his stance on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), stating that it would not lead to adverse socio-economic consequences for the nation. He emphasized that since the cut-off for CAA implementation dates back to 2014, the socio-economic impact would be minimal.

Bhattacharjee assured that there would be no significant socio-economic repercussions as a decade has already elapsed since the specified cut-off. He dismissed concerns raised by the opposition, labeling them as baseless attempts to instill fear among the populace regarding the implementation of CAA.

Highlighting the provisions of CAA, Bhattacharjee clarified that the law aims to provide citizenship to religious minority communities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan who migrated to India. He underscored the specific cut-off date mentioned in the notification, which is 2014, indicating that only those who migrated before this date are eligible for citizenship.

Addressing concerns about tribal areas, Bhattacharjee reiterated the central government’s stance, stating that areas under the sixth schedule are exempted from CAA. Additionally, he emphasized that CAA does not apply in regions under the jurisdiction of the Autonomous District Council and areas where the Inner Line Permit system is enforced.

Bhattacharjee urged opposition parties in Tripura to refrain from spreading misinformation about CAA, characterizing such actions as an attack on democratic consciousness. He praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for implementing CAA, asserting that the law would strengthen people’s faith in the country.

For individuals seeking Indian citizenship under CAA, Bhattacharjee informed that applications can be submitted online through the Citizenship Online website or via a mobile app. The Act enables Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Christians, Parsis, and Buddhists from neighboring countries who entered India before December 31, 2014, to apply for citizenship after verification.

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