CBSE removes Secularism & Federalism Chapters from Political Science Course

The Central Board Of Secondary Education ( CBSE) have removed some of the important chapters from like Secularism, Federalism, and citizenship from Political Science syallbus to reduce the burden on students. The CBSE board said that syllabus for 2020-21 session will be reduced due the ongoing COVID pandemic as it has hampered the academic session of the students. The board has also revised the Economics and Political Science courses for class 9 to 12.

The CBSE board has completely removed Federalism, Citizenship, Nationalism, and Secularism chapters from class 11 Political Science syallbus. On the other hand, Security in the Contemporary World, Environment and Natural Resources, Social and New Social Movements in India, and Regional Aspirations have been completely removed from the Class 12 Political syallbus.

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