Chhattisgarh: Over 50 Persons Fall Sick Due To Food Poisoning In Surajpur

Guwahati: Over 50 people including women and children became ill as a result of food poisoning in Surajpur district of Chhattisgarh on Sunday.

The incident took place in Bishunpur village.

According to reports, a Dashagatra programme (feast on the tenth day following death) was organised in the hamlet, to which many people were invited, and more than 100 people had eaten food there. Most of the people eventually started throwing up and complaining of diarrhoea.

The villagers informed the nearest Ramanujnagar health centre about the matter. As a result of the information, the health department’s team went to the village and set up a camp to begin treating the locals.

Many patients were sent to the district hospital Surajpur after their health problems worsened despite the fact that a few patients made a full recovery.

Surajpur Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO), R S Singh said, “Around 50 to 55 people were suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea in Bishunpur village. Of these 37 patients were admitted to the district hospital Surajpur on Sunday. The health conditions of all the patients are stable and people in the village are also stable.”

“All the villagers were advised about eating fresh food and drinking fresh water. Besides, the department has given them chlorine and bleaching powder and instructed them to use them. The Regional Health Officer (RHO) of the area is also instructed to monitor the area for a week,” Singh said.

“I had talked to the RHO on Monday morning about the situation then it came to light that no new case was reported since last night and the situation is under control. The patients in the hospital are also stable and they are likely to be discharged by this evening,” CMHO Singh added.

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