China detects Coronavirus on seafood imports from India

Coronavirus samples were detected on frozen pomfret packets exported from India to southern China, Chinese customs said on Wednesday, leading to the sealing of cold storage areas and nucleic acid testing for the local staff at the port.

The latest detection comes a week after authorities suspended imports from an Indian company after the virus was found on three cuttlefish packages. Experts say that it isn’t unusual for frozen packages to have traces of the Sars-CoV-2 if handled by an infected person, though that would be an unlikely route to infect more people – it would depend on a complicated series of events. China, however, has said that earlier in November a worker in a refrigerated warehouse in Tianjin city near Beijing was infected with Covid19 after handling pork imported from Germany.

The packaging was initially imported from Bremen in Germany to Tianjin and from there to the city of Dezhou in Shandong province. M,Even if the links are unclear, the Chinese government has stepped up checks on frozen meat and seafood imports, testing hundreds of thousands of frozen packages for the virus.

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