COVID situation in Sikkim is under control: Sikkim Health Minister

Sikkim Health Minster Dr. MK Sharma today said the Covid 19 situation in Sikkim is under control. We are in control of the situation and prepared to handle it, he said while speaking to media. Must tell here, 172 cases were reported in just in last five days along with seven death. Sikkim has total 5100 confirmed Covid cases with and 4579 persons have recovered from Coronavirus while 111 persons have succumbed to the contagion.

The good thing is that the pandemic’s graph in Sikkim is also going down however Covid-19 as not gone away yet and we must all follow the SOPs and guidelines issued  by the government for safety minister told.

Dr Sharma also said vaccine for Covid-19 is at final clinical trial in difference nations. We are hopeful that an effective vaccine should be available soon and for this, we are preparing ourselves. He also said vaccination priority should be given to the frontline workers, elderly citizens and people with combrodities. And we are even strengthening our cold chain infrastructure for vaccine.

Report by Prakash, Special Correspondent Sikkim


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