Delhi Mayor Elections Failed It’s 3rd Attempt

Guwahati: The attempt to elect a new mayor for Delhi failed for the third time in a row following a commotion in the municipal House on Monday sparked by members of the governing Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP.

Following the municipal elections on December 4, the House met for the third time. During this meeting, AAP members organised a sizable protest about the voting rights of aldermen.

After Presiding Officer Satya Sharma declared that the members proposed by Delhi L-G VK Saxena would also be permitted to vote in the elections for mayor, deputy mayor and Standing Committee members, a commotion broke out. She had previously declared that elections would take place concurrently.

Council members from the AAP quickly protested. Aldermen cannot vote, according to party head Mukesh Goel. Leaders of the BJP began shouting insults at the AAP.

The House was called to order amid a commotion and the mayoral elections were once more postponed.

According to the article, AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj accused Presiding Officer Satya Sharma of rigging the election after it was adjourned and warned the party will need to file a case with the Supreme Court to ensure a fair election.

After a commotion and heated arguments between members of the BJP and the AAP, the presiding officer adjourned the first two sessions which were conducted on January 6 and January 24, without electing a mayor.

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