Forest Bandits Apprehended in Tripura

The forest bandits are pouring water on all the dreams that the Chief Minister of Tripura had about the forest development in the state. The dream of becoming a millionaire overnight by cutting down the forests of every slain state of Tripura is slowly coming true. Every day, the forest department personnel are rescuing the locks from somewhere or other. Despite forest department efforts these forest pirates are still continuing their work day after day by showing thumbs down to the instructions given by the Chief Minister. And today the forest workers rescued a large number of people from a rubber plantation in Bishalgarh Gazaria through the joint initiative of Bishalgarh Forest Range Office personnel and the police personnel of Bishalgarh Police Station.

According to secret sources, forest workers have gathered a large number of people in Gazaria and the bandits are trying to make money by cutting them off. With the help of the police, all the locks were rescued and taken straight to the Charilam Forest Range office by the higher authorities. Whose market value is plentiful. But the point is, if the foresters are doing their duty properly, how can these bandits bringthelocks from this forest of the Charilam Forest Range Office to the Gazaria Rubber Garden. There have been various allegations about this. It is learned that some forest workers of Bishalgarh Forest Range Office are in direct or indirect contact with these forest bandits. If this happens then it will not be possible to protect the friend of Tripura state from the bandits in the future.

We plant trees every year on Environment Day and appeal to everyone that a tree is a life. But the issue is how many people are responsible for maintaining that tree after it is planted.

Report by Bikram Karmakar , Special Correspondent Tripura

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