Former Union Minister Ranee Narah Summoned in Alleged MP Fund Scam

Guwahati, 18th September: The Chief Minister’s Special Vigilance Cell (CM’s SVC) has issued a summons to former Union Minister of State and ex-MP from Lakhimpur, Ranee Narah, in connection with an alleged MP fund scam. She has been directed to appear at the CM’s SVC office on September 19 regarding this matter.

The alleged scam pertains to funds allocated from Ranee Narah’s Members of Parliament Local Area Development Division (MPLAD) fund in 2013-14 for the installation of hand pumps in Jorhat district. A case alleging embezzlement in the MPLAD fund was registered in 2017.

In response to the summons, Ranee Narah stated, “I received the summon from the CM Vigilance in 2019 itself, however, at the time, they said it wasn’t necessary for me to go. But now they have started a political conspiracy against me to divert attention from the chief minister’s land scam issue.”

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