Gaurav Gogoi visits GMCH to take stock of KMSS Leader Akhil Gogoi

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi visited Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) to take stock of KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi on Tuesday. Visiting the Hospital the Congress Leader said that Akhil is recovering. Both Gaurav and Akhil had a conversation of half an hour but no Political discussion have taken place, said the former. “I came to meet Akhil Gogoi as per the Instruction of my Father just to take a note on his Health condition, nothing Political has been discussed during our Meeting,” said Gaurav. He further stated that the Government has kept him behind the bars without any valid reason adding that he has been put in prison in the interest of Election. Speaking about the New Political Parties Formed in the State, the Congress MP said that the Parties are formed just out of annoyance against the Government and we welcome the new Parties.

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