Guwahati: Mysterious Death of Newly-Wed Woman

Guwahati, 18th September: A mysterious and tragic incident has occurred in Guwahati’s Ulubari, where the body of a newly-wed woman was discovered under puzzling circumstances on Monday.

Preliminary reports indicate that the incident took place at House number 8 in South Sarania, Ulubari. The woman had been residing in the house on rent with her husband for the past three months, as per information from neighbors.

The deceased woman was identified as Mayejya Begum, and she was found hanging from the ceiling inside her house. Following the discovery of her body, the local police were alerted, and a team of officials from the Paltan Bazar Police Station, accompanied by a Magistrate, arrived at the scene.

However, the situation has taken a troubling turn as family members of the deceased woman have alleged that she was the victim of a “premeditated act of murder.” They have specifically accused the husband, identified as Safdar Hussain Saikia, of planning and executing the murder. Investigations are ongoing to ascertain the circumstances leading to this tragic incident.

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