Guwahati Railway Police Seize Cannabis and Heroin in Major Drug Bust

Guwahati, 20th May: The Guwahati Railway Police on May 20 conducted a significant drug bust at Guwahati railway station, seizing 6 kg of cannabis and 48 grams of heroin.

Acting on secret information, the police arrested a juvenile found in possession of cannabis. The individual was traveling from Guwahati to Bengaluru by train when apprehended.

In a separate incident, the police arrested Niharuddin Barbhuyan, a 43-year-old resident of Sonai Road Moti Nagar, Sonai, Cachar district. From his possession, authorities recovered four packets of suspected heroin (brown sugar), totaling 48 grams. Reports indicate that Barbhuyan had transported the heroin from Silchar.

These arrests underscore the ongoing efforts by the Guwahati Railway Police to curb drug trafficking in the region.

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