Guwahati Youth Allegedly Dies from Shock Following India’s Defeat in World Cup Final

Guwahati, 20th November: A youth in Guwahati, identified as Pranjal Majumdar, has reportedly passed away due to shock following India’s substantial defeat to Australia in yesterday’s World Cup final.

Pranjal, a resident of Birubari locality and a student at ITI in Birubari, is said to have entered a state of depression after watching the match. He went to bed without having dinner, and family members mentioned that he got up from his bed several times during the night.

Upon checking on Pranjal later, he was found unresponsive. The family swiftly took him to Hayat Hospital, where the doctor declared him dead. The cause of death has not yet been determined, but the body has been submitted for a post-mortem.

Family members assert that Pranjal’s demise resulted from the shock of India’s crushing defeat to Australia in the World Cup final. It has also been clarified that the victim did not have any known terminal illness. The family’s allegations suggest the possibility of Pranjal’s death being a result of suicide. Nevertheless, until the post-mortem report is received, nothing can be determined.

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