Guwahati’s Hatigaon Gripped by Fear as Unidentified Miscreants Kidnap Six-Year-Old

Guwahati 20th November: A wave of apprehension sweeps through Hatigaon, Guwahati, following a family’s distressing complaint to the local police station, alleging the kidnapping of their six-year-old child by unidentified miscreants.

The reported incident unfolded on Monday morning in the Sijubari locality of Kanaklata Path, falling within the jurisdiction of Hatigaon Police Station. The parents recounted that the culprits, riding a motorcycle devoid of a number plate, enticed their child with a toy before making a swift escape.

In response to the harrowing situation, officials have launched an investigation, assuring the family and the community that the perpetrators will soon be apprehended. The precise number of individuals involved in the crime remains a focal point of the ongoing inquiry.

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