Journalists’ Forum Assam rallies against rising verbal assaults, urges decisive action

Guwahati, 19th November: The Journalists’ Forum Assam (JFA) is expressing deep concern over the rising verbal attacks on journalists, urging unity within the state’s media community to tackle these challenges. The statement follows derogatory comments by AIUDF chief Maulana Badruddin Ajmal against video journalists, drawing widespread condemnation. JFA President Rupam Barua and Secretary Nava Thakuria strongly condemn Ajmal’s remarks, calling for necessary actions against the politician and emphasizing unity, integrity, and professionalism among media professionals.

Emphasizing the importance of media managements actively defending their employees, JFA highlights the need for standing together to protect journalists’ rights and dignity. The forum addresses serious allegations by Assamese entrepreneur Luit Kumar Barman, accusing city-based television journalists of involvement in a Rs 260 crore NRC Assam updation scam. JFA calls on news channel proprietors and editors to issue clarifications, ensuring their journalists are not implicated. Failure to do so, warns the forum, could risk the public perceiving the entire media community as corrupt.

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