Key Decisions Taken In AASU’s 17th General Convention

Below are the key decisions taken in the convention:

1. Any AASU member including central committee can stay in the student body for up to 40 years.

2. It is compulsory to retire at the age of 42 years.

3. AASU membership will be revoked if one gets married.

4. A minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree is required to be a member in the central committee.

5. The term of the central committee will now be three years. Previously, the term was one year.

6. The central session should be held within three years. After three years and three months, the executive committee will automatically dissolve.

7. During that time, the Vice-Chairman of the Committee, the Co-General Secretary and the Advisory Council shall hold regular sessions.

8. Similarly, district sessions will be held every three years.

9. This will give special importance to the younger generation. They will be attracted to the student body and will be able to lead the organization at an early age.

10. There will be an advisor as well as a chief advisor in the student body.

11. However, in the next session, the advisor and the chief adviser will be of 40 or 42 years.

12. The decisions taken in this session will be applicable in the next session.


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