Man Buys 120 Tickets for ‘Pathaan’, Detained

Guwahati: A Shah Rukh Khan fan from the Mangaldoi district of Assam was detained after purchasing as many as 120 tickets for the film “Pathaan.”

The individual has reportedly been identified as Mofidul Islam, who after buying the 120 tickets was detained at the Dhula Police Station.

Islam is a leader of the North-East Minorities Students’ Union (NEMSU), purchased the tickets to oppose the Hindutva group, which has been boycotting the movie because it incites anti-Hindu sentiment.

Islam was detained at the police station because the law and order scenario could lead to racial unrest.

Islam recently made headlines when he purchased 120 movie tickets from Mangaldoi Dream Theatre.

Meanwhile, a youth from Rangia had bought 192 tickets which include almost 80 per cent of the total capacity of the hall.

The youth has been identified as Farooq Khan, a resident of Kendukona area, who purchased tickets from The Delight Gold Cinema Hall.

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