Manipur Intensifies Arms Search, Detains 141 in Crackdown

Northeast Desk, 20th November: In a relentless pursuit to uncover hidden arms and ammunition, Manipur intensifies its search operation, installing 135 checkpoints across diverse districts. The clampdown results in the detention of 141 individuals linked to various violations.

Tension mounts in the vicinity of Imphal International Airport on November 19 as an unidentified flying object breaches its controlled airspace. The alarming event prompts the diversion of two inbound flights and causes delays for three departing flights.

Confirming the unusual incident, Airport Director Chipemmi Keishing discloses that flight operations were promptly halted, awaiting clearance from the competent authority. The airport witnesses a heightened sense of urgency, with security measures escalated, and both police and airport authorities on high alert.

Responding to the potential threat, authorities take the precautionary measure of temporarily closing the airspace in and around Imphal, leading to significant disruptions in flight services.

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