Matriculation and Madrassa Exams to postpone due to COVID Situation in Assam

The Matriculation and Madrassa Examinations of the 2020 Academic year have been postponed to March 2021 amid the existing pandemic situation by the Secondary Board of Education Assam (SEBA). The academic year for other classes has also been extended to March instead of January to December schedule that is followed by SEBA. The decision was taken to compensate for the losses in the academic year due to the months of lockdown.

However, SEBA has assured that the results of the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) exams will be declared on time like the previous years. This year, the results were declared on 6th June.

After more than 7 months of lockdown since the end of March 2020, the schools in Assam are scheduled to reopen on 2nd November with strict COVID-19 protocols and limited students on alternate days.


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