Migrant worker’s idol replaces Goddess Durga in Kolkata Pandal

A puja pandal in Kolkata has installed the idol of a migrant worker with her children in place of Goddess Durga.

The statue, installed by the Barisha Club Durga Puja committee, shows a saree-clad mother with a child in her arms. Together, the mother and her children will be seen walking towards the image of Goddess Durga – a halo with 10 hands.

His step has been taken to highlight the plight of the migrant workers who had been forced to leave cities during the lockdown. Thousands of them were seen walking by foot to their paces due to lack of jobs money and jobs to sustain themselves in the cities.

‘The pandal is based on the theme of the life of migrant workers and what they have faced during coronavirus lockdown,’ said Sudip, President of the Pandal.

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