Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma Awarded Honorary 7th Dan Black Belt for Sports Contributions

Northeast Desk, 14th June: Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma was honored with an Honorary 7th Dan Black Belt and Certificate of Appreciation by the Mizoram Amateur Taekwondo Association (MATA), World Pro Taekwondo Hqrs, and World Taekwondo Hqrs, Kukkiwon on Thursday. This prestigious accolade recognizes Chief Minister Lalduhoma’s significant contributions to the development of sports in India, particularly in promoting Taekwondo and supporting athletes from Mizoram.

During the ceremony, Chief Minister Lalduhoma expressed his gratitude for the honor, attributing it to the achievements of MATA and the talented Taekwondo practitioners from Mizoram who have excelled in the sport. He extended his best wishes for their continued success in the future.

Officials from MATA emphasized that the Honorary 7th Dan Black Belt is the highest recognition in Taekwondo in India. They underscored the Chief Minister’s pivotal role in advancing sports and acknowledged his efforts in fostering athletic excellence.

The event was attended by distinguished personalities including Grand Master Prof. Hee Do Kim (9th Dan Black Belt) from World Taekwondo Hqrs, Kukkiwon, and Grand Master Lee Jae Ku (8th Dan Black Belt), an internationally renowned coach for Poomsae and Kyorugi Taekwondo. Both Grand Masters were in Mizoram as honored guests for the Mizoram Sports Conclave, further highlighting the significance of the occasion.

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