Mizoram: Govt Spends Bill of Rs. 66 Cr. On Healthcare Scheme

Guwahati: Mizoram government has not yet paid medical bills or health insurance totaling more than Rs. 66.2 crore under the Mizoram State Health Care Scheme.

He claimed that up to 23,421 participants have not yet received reimbursement for their medical bills under the Health Care Scheme. 12,784 beneficiaries in total filed medical bills totaling more than Rs 33.6 crore during the policy period from the first of October 2021 to the last day of March 2022, he said.

According to him, medical expenditures for 785 of the 12,784 recipients, totaling more than Rs 2 crore have already been paid. The minister reported that during the policy year which runs from April 2022 to March 2023, 11,422 beneficiaries had submitted bills totaling Rs. 34.5 crore.

According to him, the government has begun paying out health benefits or medical costs that were submitted between October 2021 and March 2022 as well as up until November 2022. The opposition has launched a fierce campaign of criticism against the Mizo National Front (MNF) government, led by Chief Minister Zoramthanga, reportedly because it has not carried out the healthcare scheme.

Zoramthanga, who also holds the finance portfolio has set aside Rs 60 crore for the implementation of the healthcare programme in the annual budgets for 2023–2024. According to Zoramthanga, the state administration has asked the Asian Development Bank for a loan in the sum of Rs. 1,000 crore to implement the state healthcare programme.

He stated that the loan was being processed. He added that despite having allotted Rs. 50 crore for the 2019–20 fiscal year, his government was unable to fully administer the public healthcare scheme due to financial difficulties brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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