Mizoram: Hmar Students Association Praises Rahul Gandhi for Humanitarian Aid to Displaced Individuals

Northeast 10th July: The Hmar Students Association (HSA) expressed profound gratitude to Rahul Gandhi and his team for their timely humanitarian aid, which has been a beacon of solace for the helpless displaced individuals in their community. They recognized Gandhi as the first leader to physically console those suffering immense hardships.

Despite the dire situation faced by over 500 displaced individuals in the camp, government assistance has been notably absent. The community has struggled to provide for themselves, leading to the tragic deaths of two people due to lack of proper medical care. Feeling abandoned and marginalized, the displaced have been left to fend for themselves.

The HSA criticized the government’s inaction, highlighting the irony that in the world’s largest democracy, vulnerable citizens are overlooked while animals receive budgetary benefits. This neglect starkly contrasts with Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, which guarantees the Right to Life and Liberty.

Rahul Gandhi’s visit was characterized by genuine concern and a commitment to alleviating suffering, free from political motivations. The HSA called on other leaders to follow his example, visit Manipur, foster peace, and demonstrate empathy towards the affected populace.

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