Morning Club Assam to celebrate UN World Children’s Week

The World Children’s Week is expected to be celebrated on November 14-20 by morning club Assam and two collaborating organizations situated in Afghanistan and Malaysia. It’ll be a grand, week long program where two (2) global partner organizations, more than 50 executives and 5000 children will be part of. In this UN Children Day week we’ll keep CHILDREN On ACTION-20 as our theme and try to incorporate the children with the SDGs,2030 and issues related to it.

During the fear and trepidation created by ‘COVID-19’ pandemic, The Morning Club Assam, under its flagship project CHILDREN On ACTION-20 (COA-20) carried out an awareness programme with the children on forefront, focusing on cleanliness and clean water (SDG-6). This aimed at creating a chain reaction by incorporating the children with SDG-6 . To do that impact fully, interns under this program tried to spread the awareness message by involving children with the core theme of it. This was done by creating SDG-6 awareness paintings by children across Assam. In this respect, we’ve successfully able to reach out to more than 3000 students with awareness paintings in their hands. Direct involvement and efforts of the interns of Moring Club Assam ensured that the children should be aware of the SDGs and other health associated issues in this pandemic situation.

Simultaneously, efforts have been made by the two collaborating organizations of the Morning Club in Afghanistan and Malaysia in this regards. The morning club has been working with children, by accepting sustainable development as relevant and need of the hour, to create a new line of development for human society, mother nature and for overall well being and will continue in the days to come.

In conversation, Secretary for Health and Project Coordinator of COA 30, Hiranya Hazarika said that – “We believe that by accepting sustainable development as need of the hour, everyone will hold hands with us and lead to new dimensions of development by taking the children on forefront to meet the current needs without the loss of generations to come.”

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