Mosambi Plantations Looming Up in Tripura

The Lockdown and the ongoing pandemic has hampered the world economy a lot and the youths who had dream of doing something great this year had to be ceased because the COVID-19 pandemic as it has shattered dreams of many youths. But some youths have shown a great example of how to become self-reliant by cultivating different fruits to generate income through it in the state of Tripura.

The tribal youths of hilly lands of Atharamura hills including Bilai Hum Para, Tuikarma, Kankarachhara under Mungiakami block in Tripura are planting Mosambi saplings on 19 hectares in hilly land  which will eventually mature and start catching Mosambi in the coming next 2-3 years. The Agricultural Assistant of Tripura Mithun Sarkar visited the Mosambi plantations and gave it a look. A youth named Surya Mohan Dev Verma has been planting Mosambi trees in an area of 0.5 hectare area and selling Mosambi saplings daily which have become inspiration for many in the state.

Report by  Bikram Karmakar,  Special Correspondent Tripura



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