Nagaland: Power Generation Disrupted Due to Transmission Line Collapse

Northeast Desk, 21st April: The Likhimro Hydro Electric Powerplant near Pungro town, Nagaland, has experienced a disruption in power generation since the early hours of April 20, 2024, following the collapse of 1 No. of 66kV Double Circuit Tower of the 66kV Kiphire-Likimro Transmission Line near Pungro Town, Kiphire. This collapse was caused by the theft of the tower members.

In a notification issued by the transmission division of Kohima, Nagaland, it was highlighted that the 66kV Kiphire-Likimro Transmission Line plays a crucial role in the evacuation of power from the Likimro HEP and is an integral component of the State Power transmission Grid. Despite the department’s efforts to erect the collapsed tower, the notification earnestly urges individuals not to engage in the theft of tower parts. Additionally, the concerned authorities are implored to take necessary action against the perpetrators.

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