New Record set by COVID in India, Daily Spike jumps to 14,000 in last 24 hours

The COVID-19 cases in India is reaching sky high as the country reports over 14,516 new positives cases in last 24 hours. Sadly today also more than 370 have been affected of the virus till the latest report came in. Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu leads the COVID charge in India. The community transmission in Delhi is taking a very big leap as total cases of COVID reached 53,116 in the Capital City and till now 2,035 people have been died of the deadly virus. 

On the other hand COVID-19 is taking a very tight grip in the world as total cases reached over 87,66,035 and till now 4,62,691 people have unfortunately lost their lives. USA, Brazil, Russia and India charts the top 4 list.

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