PM Modi Condemns Civilian Deaths in Israel-Hamas Conflict, Advocates Diplomacy at Global Summit

National Desk, 17th November: In a statement at the Voice of the Global South Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed condemnation for the civilian casualties in the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. Addressing the escalating situation in West Asia, PM Modi emphasized India’s commitment to restraint and diplomacy.

“We have prioritized communication and diplomacy. He declared, “We also vehemently denounce the killings of civilians in the confrontation between Israel and Hamas.

The Prime Minister highlighted India’s humanitarian efforts, revealing that the country has dispatched aid to Palestinians. This action follows PM Modi’s conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. PM Modi urged solidarity among nations in the Global South for the greater global good.

He underlined that now is the moment for the nations of the Global South to come together for the sake of the entire world.

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