PM Narendra Modi Greets Nation on National Voters Day

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Guwahati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted everyone on National Voter’s Day while also urging business to raise voter turnout and comprehend the importance of voting.

Since 2011, January 25 has been recognised as National Voters Day to honour the anniversary of the creation of the Election Commission of India, which occurred on that day in 1950.

In a tweet made by Modi, he greeted everyone on “National Voters Day” and wrote “ may we all strive together to further promote active participation in election and improve the democracy, inspired by this year’s theme of “Nothing like voting, I vote for sure”.

Voters Day is being celebrated for the 12th time this year and to honour the occasion, National Awards are being organised for participants to recognise their outstanding contributions to voters from various organisations. This year’s campaign aims to gain as many votes as possible in order to increase voter accessibility worldwide.

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